"Lifescapes" is divided into four interconnecting digital exhibitions which are grounded in the biographical accounts of the Bridge-IT participants. These exhibitions are: Dublin City Life; Childhood; War Time; Ageing.

Each exhibition is made up of a number of sections:

  • Dublin City Life
    • Home Life
    • Living
    • Work and Family
    • Community
  • Childhood
    • Education
    • Games and Entertainment
    • Childhood Work
  • War Time
    • War Memories
    • Rationing
  • Ageing
    • Gendered Experiences and Expectations
    • The Ageing Body
    • Activities and Social Engagement
    • Wisdom and Experience

Within each of these sections you will find a range of resources. These include audio and video recordings of biographical interviews undertaken with the participants as well as a selection of archival holdings including photographs, academic texts, biographical accounts as well as historical and official documents.

An interactive map of the area around central Dublin may be accessed from the home page. This map also includes links to the stories, pictures and other materials in the collection of exhibitions under the Lifescapes project. The Share button on the Home page allows you to contribute your own story or relevant material including pictures or documents.

Exploring Lifescapes

The materials in "Lifescapes" may be explored in a number of ways:

  • you can go through the exhibitions, section by section
  • you can browse through the digital Collections and Items by clicking on those buttons on the top menu bar
  • you can search for material using the Search box at the top of the screen