In this extract Andy Mohan talks about his experiences at school, in particular he remembers how a teacher would hit him with a stick as punishment when he did something wrong in class.

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There was only one school teacher I had was, you know, he was a male school teacher and he was good but, like he was very strict with ye if you didn’t give the right answer. Like my hands… I often come home and they said 'what’s wrong with your hands?' Cut the hands off me you see if you couldn’t answer it right, oh yeah. Oh he’d slap you… and he’d say 'you’re spelling that wrong there, write that again' and he hit me in the hand so much, and I was writing with this hand, and my hand was all swollen up from him slapping me you know.

Would he hit you with a stick was it?

Yeah, with a stick yeah. He’d a thing yeah… he’d say you know the Irish… 'Tar cuim' which means 'come to me you' in that in Irish, the hand out. Cut the hand off ye. And look at the writing afterwards, it was worse. He’d slap me and say you know you’re writing is very bad, sure it was that hand that I write with you see.


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"Andy Mohan talks about being chastised at school when he was a child.." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #96 (accessed February 23 2018, 4:52 am)