In this extract Carmel O'Reilly tells us that when her children were young the expectation at the time as that women stayed at home to mind them. She remembers that did cleaning jobs a night but her primary responsibility was to look after her children.

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So you didn’t return to work stayed?

No…I did cleaning jobs, you know now and that...but you had to mind the kids in them days, ye didn’t eh…you didn’t go out and leave them, you know yourself what it was like…you wouldn’t know but you’ve heard about it…but you'd stay home...I did a bit of cleaning work at night, cleaning offices and that but so I went from the good days to the bad days….some start with the bad days and finish with the good but I didn’t.

But you probably have good days now maybe?

Ah yes, ah yes

Now your family are reared and...

Of course yes...ah yes, they're terrific, terrific. Betty's in France at the moment, Christina's in Sicilly or somewhere...they're all


Yes...they're all great.



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"Carmel O'Reilly talks about the expectation when she was a young mother to stay at home and mind her children.." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #83 (accessed February 21 2018, 7:30 am)