This is a description of the type of housing lived in during her childhood and the early years of marriage. It includes references to the Pearse Street area.

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- Okay so just now thinking back to your childhood, so you said you grew up… well for some part of it in Grand Canal and then you moved down to Clarence Place and how many people lived in your house when you were a child?

- Well I don’t know about Grand Canal Street but I know there was two other families as well as ourselves.

- In the house. Oh right, okay. And so… but you had a part of the house to yourselves?

- We had the top part, two rooms but the other room was a bigger one because we had a hall space and then there was another family underneath that had one room and the other in the front had the other room.

- Okay so you had two rooms and then did you have… did that include your kind of kitchen area? Was it?

- Yeah, everything.

- But your bathroom was…

- We’d no bathroom, it was a backyard toilet …

- Outside.

- And they eventually moved out and we got the whole house.

- Oh really? So you got the whole house then?

- Yeah, so there was a COP [Compulsary Order of Purchase] put on it then so we had to move out of it then.

- Okay and so in your kind of area there would have been yourself, your parents and four other brothers and sisters was it?

- No, two brothers and one sister.

- Sorry. So there was four of you… and so then you moved and was it a similar housing… ?

- In Pearse House, well we moved to the flat then…

- And did you move there with your family?

- Yeah from the house, we moved… and then we moved back then, well I did and me husband, to 17 Clarence Place, facing where we lived, and then there was another COP put on that so we ended up in Andrew’s Court!


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"Marie Murphy describes the type of housing she lived in during her childhood and her early married years.." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #68 (accessed February 21 2018, 7:28 am)