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So, when you were a child how many people lived in your house?

Ten, there were eight children and my father and mother.

Did your grandparents ever live with you?

No, they lived across the road.

Did you see them much?

I never saw my mother’s father, he was dead to the best of my knowledge, whether he was dead before I was born or not, I don’t remember anything about him but my grandmother was there across the road, she had a business across the road…

Okay, so you saw them quite often.

Saw her quite… too often!

And how many rooms were there in your house?

In our house originally there were four but we were lucky in as much as… it was what they called a cottage type house but next door the bottom part of the cottage next door was a bookies office and there were two rooms overhead of that that were never used so we got the use of them so then we had four bedrooms, a parlour and a kitchen so we were doing… we were very well off at that stage, you know, accommodation-wise…

It was hard to get good accommodation in those days…

And in the centre of the city…

Yeah, absolutely, did you grow up then in the one house or did you ever change houses?

No, we never… I grew up in Moore Street, I’m from the one house if you know what I mean


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"Seamus Marken describes his childhood home and family life on Moore Street." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #341 (accessed March 20 2018, 7:41 pm)