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... And that way you’d pick up a few bob and then you see when the dealers got to know you that you were reliable they’d ask you maybe during the day to go into the store and bring them out this, that and the other and then at the end of the day they’d give you a few bob and the same... we lived next door to a pub and there were two bachelors that ran the pub and they were countrymen and, the Lord have mercy on my father, I remember one of the publicans asked me to do a message and my father said ‘remember they are countrymen, they don’t like anybody knowing their business so if anybody asks you what you were doing just say you were on a message, don’t tell me or don’t tell anybody else their business’ so it got then that they got to know this and they wouldn’t let anybody do their messages but me and it was great I was the boy in the big picture as far as they were concerned for messages and like it was amazing sometimes you’d get a good few bob, sometimes you wouldn’t, it all depends on what was to be done but that was the way I made a lot of money that way for my mother, you know, and sometimes I’d just come in and empty my pockets and a whole pile of coins and back out again and I remember, just as a matter of interest, my brother got a job in Eason’s and he was being paid ten shillings a week and this particular bank holiday weekend I was upstairs and I was counting out my money, now I’d given my mother... and she turned around and said… I had given her six pound that week which was a fabulous amount of money but I’d worked bloody hard for it from six in the morning until about seven or eight at night, however, they… my brother got a half a crown pocket money and this particular evening I had either 25 or 35 shillings and he saw me with all this money and he began to cry to my mother about ‘why should he have all that money?’ and my mother said ‘Seamus is after giving me six pound’, she couldn’t ask me for anymore, you know, so I said to my brother ‘come out and work for me, if you come out and work for me I’ll give you a pound a week, I’ll guarantee you a pound a week if you work for me’, you know, and he couldn’t do that, he couldn’t lower himself to, you know, now it was mucky work you just whatever came your way you did, that was it, but that was me mostly until I was about 16½ going on 17 then I went to work in the abattoir and things got much better at that stage financially you know? And then I went to work in Summerhill to serve my time, which I did, I stayed with that man for the best part of 14 years, I’d a great time with him, wonderful place to work, very decent man he was I must say, he was from County Galway, he’s dead since, the Lord have mercy on him, but a great man, I enjoyed that immensely, the people of Summerhill were wonderful.


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"Seamus Marken talks about his early work experiences [add smaller file Seamus Marken 01]." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #340 (accessed March 20 2018, 7:40 pm)