In this extract Jim Quinn describes the first house he lived in on Bath Avenue in Dublin City, he talks particularly about the toilet which was down the end of a very long garden. He says you practically had to go on safari to get to it! He then goes on to describe his second home on Townsend Street.

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- So, when did you move out of the city centre then to where you live now?

- I lived in … oh, I suppose it would be nearly 40 years ago, about then... we moved down to the city centre because we had a … my father was a butcher by trade although he had a business of his own, he had the cars, lorries and that sort of thing but he worked for a butcher, there was a butcher around the corner from him, there was Nolan's Butchers, he worked for them and there was a slaughterhouse down in Townsend Street so he was … that’s where he got it... it was a closed hall door, we had a downstairs toilet... we had a toilet, an indoor toilet, that’s very important, that’s one of the big things, you take the likes of Bath Avenue at that time, which would have been not a bad place, they’d a big long garden, a garden longer than across the road there and that’s where the toilet was, at the end! And that was common, it wasn’t only outdoor, you’d nearly need to go on safari down to it, you know! So that’s why we moved in to where we did because it suited him for the job but he was from town anyway himself

- So how many rooms were in your house can you remember?

There was three including the downstairs toilet.

- And there was what? Four, five of you?

- Well there was five … four children … but there was one huge room, like, about…upstairs... you could screen it into two rooms, a big big room … then there was a bedroom at the back was there was kitchen, a small kitchen, everything was there… for them days...for that period it was good accommodation, because, you know because you weren’t in a flat, you had your own key, you’d your own door, your own place to put your coal or you could put a bike in or a motor bike or things like that … no problem.


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Jennifer Redmond, Deirdre O'Donnell


Jennifer Redmond, Deirdre O'Donnell


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"Jim Quinn describes the first house in lived in on Bath Avenue in Dublin city.." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #34 (accessed February 21 2018, 7:28 am)