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what about your grandmother, is your life now quite different from hers do you think?

A little bit, you know.

Even in terms of the housing or in terms of even financial security and stuff, do you think is it better now?

I think people years ago, like, they shared with each other, you know? If you were short of something they’d have it, you know what I mean? But you’d stop and think now ‘there’s no point in giving that to them, I’ll put that in…’, you know, for the clothes to give away, do you know? Where before it’d be passed on, do you know?

And you don’t find that you do that so much now?


Do you think community was a bit stronger back then? And is that something that you’d miss now?

I think so, yeah. You see living in a tenement you were never lonely, cause you always someone, you know, houses are isolated but the flats now I think are good because they have the balcony and they all come out and lean on it and talk, you know, I missed that a lot now when I came from Andrew’s Court and I moved... I couldn’t get over the balcony at all.

And at the moment are you in a house or a flat?

I’m in a house on Pearse Road.

Oh sorry, yes you said that yeah. And you find that more isolating? That’s interesting.


That’s something I hadn’t thought of.

Because, like, people are going out to work and you’d see them and they’d wave to you no problem, good neighbours, but it’s just not the same as the flats, it definitely isn’t.

And even as you were saying in the tenement you’d have people underneath you or above you and even sharing a bathroom with people, you’d know them quite well!

Like as I said there was three of us sharing a toilet downstairs out into the backyard.

And so people… if you knew someone was on hard times you would have helped them out?


That’s interesting.


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"Marie Murphy compares life in the flats and tenement with current housing." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #339 (accessed March 20 2018, 7:41 pm)