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And because, do you remember your first pay cheque?

Ten shillings!

That was in the first place?


And did you give that to your mother?

Ah yeah.

That was standard.

Yeah I think so, yeah.

Did you get pocket money from that?

Ah yeah, I think I got it back but how or never I had to give it up anyway!

And what kind of things would you have bought with your pocket money?

Generally, like, clubs, you know, for Bolger’s, or makeup and things to wear and that, you know? Standard…

Clubs? You joined? What was that?

Every… well it was five shillings or something like that, you know what I mean?

And then you’d be able to get a discount or something? Oh okay, that’s interesting, that seems to have been quite common because someone else had mentioned that, getting records, they joined a club. That’s really unusual, it’s something I’d never heard of.

Well they have the money now so they don’t do any thing like that.

Yeah. So, tell me, how did they work? You kind of gave… everyone in the club gave in money was it? How did it work?

Yeah, you’d give so much a week, say it cost £6, well give five shillings a week into the club until it be cleared, and then they give you your... or you'd get the docket and you’d pay back the five shillings a week.

Oh I see. So it was kind of like hire purchase.

More or less.

Okay, that’s interesting… obviously because they were able to… okay, so it was like a lender almost? That’s interesting. And did people use that, like, for even, like, for example your mother would she have used that ever for just ordinary household stuff?

No, no, she didn’t believe in anything like that, if you didn’t have the money you’d do without it.

Oh right, but it was possible that people did it?


It wasn't just for books or records and stuff.


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"Marie Murphy on handing up wages, disposable income and clubs for buying things." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #338 (accessed March 20 2018, 7:41 pm)