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Can you remember when you were a child what was your favourite meal?

That is a stupid question, if I may say so


… I was talking to my sister about this the other day because she was visiting me and without my prompting her at all she said much the same thing, my mother cooked very well so we liked everything she cooked! The only thing I remember about food is that I hated stewed prunes!

It was all good!

… I’ve got to like them now but I hated them then.

Do you remember when your mother was cooking, would she use a recipe book or would she just remember the recipes?

I think mainly she would remember but I do think there was a cookery book in the house - Mrs Beeton - I think was in the house.

And did she teach you recipes?

No! How ridiculous! We were sent to… in school we were made to learn cookery and that was a waste of time because I could have learned from my mother but my brother, he liked cooking and on a Saturday instead of rushing out to play football or something he’d say ‘mum, can I make a cake?’ and she’d say ‘yes, darling, of course’ and he would make a cake and he made perfectly decent cakes! No, that’s…

Do you see any differences between food now and food when you were a child or when you were growing up?

I think there is more variety in vegetables, that’s… I think that’s all I can lay my finger on.

Are there foods that you think are dying out now? You know, that you used to see when you were younger and you don’t see them anymore?

It hadn’t occurred to me, no, no. Well what can you think of?

Well, we were talking to one person and he said that people used to eat things like pigs’ ears and sweetbreads and tripe and things like that… I suppose more offal kind of stuff.

Well I know when we lived in France… after we retired we lived in France for a bit and there you could get brains…


… it was lovely!


…and another thing that my mother cooked that I don’t think I see now, and that’s sheep’s head and sheep’s head is lovely too…

Oh the poor sheep!

I suspect perhaps you haven’t had sheep’s head?


As far as I can see the mystery of sheep’s head was how one sheep’s head was enough for five people, I suspect that my parents didn’t eat very much of it, you know, leave it for the children…


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