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And when you were a child can you remember any books that you used to like to read? Any favourite stories?

Oh yes, lots. There was Little Women, I remember, and there was… much younger, there was Black Beauty…

Those were your favourites were they?

I don’t know that you can talk about a book being a favourite, you like it while you’re reading it…

Do you remember any games that you used to play?

Well in the house that we lived in there was a rather good sort of lane behind ours, it was… there were trees and bushes and things and with my cousins who were twins we used to build up things looking like jumps and sometimes we would all be highwaymen! And other times we would be, what’s this they’ve got on at the moment?

Do you mean the film? Batman or… ?

No, no, no, that’s modern!

Is it a film that’s on at the moment?

You know, with all the horses…

A western type of thing? Cowboy and Indian?

No, no. Well, anyway, we would come along and jump over these things and sometimes I’d win… it didn’t make much difference because we were jumping over these things all the time anyway… but that was when we were smallish I would say, later on we would go out on bicycles and that would be when were 12 or so, there was a great difference I think that children could go out on their own more, I think… I have the impression that it’s a bit difficult, it’s not very good for children to go out on their own…

Do you think that’s the main difference now between children now and your childhood? Or what other differences would you see?

No, I’d say the main difference is this bloody awful nonsense with the television because you know so many children just sit goggle-eyed looking at the television and we didn’t have that so we had to make our own amusement more, for instance, one thing we enjoyed doing very much, I with my … these cousins of mine, twin cousins, they were about the same age and I, my brother was so much smaller than I was that he didn’t count in a way and they had no sisters you see so a thing we liked to do very much was making up little plays and acting them and our unfortunate parents had to look on! But that was good, at Christmas we always made up a play and put it on and it was noticeable, they went to boarding school in England somewhat later, you see, I suppose at 14 or about that sort of age and you could see what their teachers had been teaching them about because one time I remember they must have been doing something about Russian drama because there was one that we… one thing that we made up which was… the Russian colonel in the kitchen!


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