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There’s things after hitting me there now, like, you know, like looking for thing now I always remember and it gave me great pleasure was when I was a kid, say, seven, eight, nine, that time, I used to get what they’d call a crock and that would be a frame of an old bike …

No wheels …

No wheels, no nothing, just a frame and you’d build it up and you’d get maybe a pair of handlebars from somewhere else and you’d get two wheels... two pram wheels and two axles and you’d put them on this frame, you see, and I used to get black paint and paint it and all and have it … and put a bit of a saddle on it, you see, and you’d be able to sit on it and with one leg like that and scoot with the other one and oil, plenty of oil on it and off you’d go and you’d have great fun with that and I tell you a few of us used to go...and it just shows you now the way things are... we used to go down to Parnell Square, you know Parnell Square?


You know Findlater’s Church there, you know along there?


And then, you know, say you would turn right at Findlater’s Church and you’d head down Parnell Square, you know there and the railing is going...and the kind of a hill down? Well we used to go there on our crocks, you see, we’d call them crocks, and you’d scoot it and go flying down that hill, now, there was no traffic then, you’ve got to imagine … and that used to give us endless pleasure …

Bring it back up the hill …

Bring it back up the hill and do the same thing again! And see how long, how far you could go without having to scoot and all, you know, and then all around the cottages where we lived... and you’d have endless pleasure with tat and that meant that nobody had … you’d do this yourself, you know...


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"Hugh Smullen describes building 'crocks' and racing them down Parnell Square." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #326 (accessed March 20 2018, 7:42 pm)