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And so thinking about food again what was your favourite meal when you were a child?

Ah yeah well my grandmother like em was a very good cook, and she was a Wexford woman and she was great at baking apple pies, I used to love them, I used to love the apple pies, that was my favourite … even when we were young then I wasn’t into eating stew, I wasn’t keen on that, my favourite, like, was the apple pie and I remember too, like, Fridays, I think everyone on Friday had rice and raisins in the rice …

Oh, okay, on Friday?

On Friday, yeah, I used to like that.

And jam on it. That was your dinner actually.

That was your dinner and I used to like that but when I was living with them before … like, when I was really young we used to go up to the pictures up to the Plaza on a Sunday, there'd be the matinee you know and that got rid of all the kids, you know what I mean, but you’d be going early but they wouldn’t be having their dinner until 3 or 3.30 so I’d be going without me dinner, you know, so when I’d come back you’d be really starving and so you’d only get the leavings, you know what I mean? I remember my grandmother'd say … I think religiously every week they used to have a leg of lamb or half leg of lamb, whatever but it was something like...but it was always with a bone and the meat, well I just got a little bit of meat and the bone! And I would eat that, I’d have the bone and I wouldn’t’ even use … and I used to take the marrow out of the bone and I’d eat that, yeah, I always remember that.

And would that be something … that’s probably a big difference now because people don’t eat marrow now …

No, and the offal. You know, we used to eat the liver and all that type of thing, people won’t eat…

And the heart, the beef heart …

Oh yeah, May used...May was specialist at the beef heart, it used to'd get a huge big one...and she used to stuff it and … now this is getting on to when we were married, I’m gone away with …

But would you see that as being a big difference now?

It’s still the same thing like you know and you’d get loads of meat off that and with the stuffing it’d be flavoured, very nice wouldn’t it? Really lovely!


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