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And all your playing was outdoors?

Oh all outdoors, oh you were out all...I thought I'd nver get out, sure you just loved being out, they’d have to come looking for you to bring you in! You know what I mean? Wouldn’t they May? That would apply to us all. We just loved being out, now, I used to love being down around St. Joseph’s Place, all our pals and all … oh, and we’d be on skates, that’s another thing … I remember saving for skates, the skates were £1, well a pair of skates, ballbearing skates and I saved up the whole year, you know, pennies …

Were these the skates that you clipped on to your shoes?

Yeah, clip them on to your shoe and there were two clips and, in fact there was a pair out in the shed there for ages, they were all ... and I threw them, they would have come in handy, now the actual thing, you know … we used to be on them and then there was a guy, Arthur Roche, Lord have mercy … Arthur, I think his father or someone belonging to him lived in America and they sent him a pair of skates but they were different to the ones we had, they were in two parts and they had bigger wheels so he was the champion skater! Oh, like, it was wonderful and then coming home from school, there was a fight every day coming home from school, you know, there was always something happening you know, and then you’d have a fight, but just two young lads fighting, you know, and then, like, be made shake hands then, you see, and then you’d actually become friends, you know, that was the way it went, that’s the way you settled …

The politics.

… yeah, you settled arguments and then, like, the others would make you shake hands then but if a fella went to go and kick that’d be stopped, they wouldn’t allow it.

Oh really? And would that be stopped by others?

By the others around, oh no that’s not allowed, you see, you were only supposed to fight with your fists, that’s all … that’s the way things were, there’d be no such thing as, you eh it was honourable more, to me anyway


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"Hugh Smullen on skateing and the rules of street fighting." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #323 (accessed March 20 2018, 7:42 pm)