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And what kind of games did you play or did you … ?

Oh yeah, it was lovely, we used to play great games, we used to play … when I was young and lived in Blessington Street I used to play in St Joseph’s Place, that’s a lovely little fairytale place it was, we used to play relivio, you know...girls and boys played and you’d go out catch them and then when you’d catch the person you’d put them in the den and one guy’d mind the den, you see, and you had to stand... the footpath, you’d have one foot on the path and one down, that was the rule and the others were captured, you see, but someone could come then, some of the opposing team, could come to rescue the others so they would hide and when they’d get an opportunity when the guy that was minding the den wasn’t minding, they’d fly around the corner and now is the time to relieve you and they’d all shout ‘now is the time to relieve your men’, you know, and they’d get their men and they’d run across and if the other guy couldn’t capture him then they all ran and they were all …they were saved

And how would you capture them?

You’d hold him, you know, just hold them...grab their geansaí or … ! They were great games and then in the winter we had winters then, we seemed to have winters then, we’d make slides … you know, you’d put out water at night, put all the water out and then it’d be frozen the next morning and you’d be all sliding on it, you know, we used to have great slides wouldn’t we? Really great, you’d slide, now, the length of the … from here over to the railings or more, take a run … just run, you see, and then slide all along! And that was the …that was the way we... and some of them were great, they could sit down sliding and all that, sit just on their hunkers, you know …


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"Hugh Smullen recollects street games he and his friends played [add smaller file HughSmullen16]." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #320 (accessed March 20 2018, 7:42 pm)