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When May and I got married and we lived on Mountjoy Square it wasn’t great, we lived in a tenement …

Hmm, up four flights of stairs!

… up four flights of stairs …

And would you have water going up the stairs?

No, water on the landing and just have to fetch water, carry it up the stairs then and eh, you know, carry everything up and down, the pram …

And just a toilet for how many people? I don’t know how many was in the house …

Oh there was quite a few in that house!

And only the one toilet.

Yeah, only the one toilet but there was … no, there was one at the very top …

… there was one at the top and one at the bottom, we weren’t too bad because we were up higher but the people lower down were …

But the one, the toilet at the very top was a long room, a little toilet in the corner and there was no window! And you could look all over Dublin! You know the lovely …

It was just open?!

Yeah, just, you’d get out of there quick if it was raining! Yeah, that’s the way it was!

That was your shower!

The rain!

And so there was a little old lady lived there wasn’t there? Mrs McGowan. She was very good to us, she would mind them when May and I … mind the children when we’d go …

We’d go to the pictures during the day on a Saturday and she’d mind the two children.

… and she was very good. The things I remember about the room, I remember doing the room up, I had it well done up when we got married but the windows were terrible, we used to have to put the wardrobe up to the window to keep the wind out …

Big windows.

Yeah, you’d be freezing and there was no central heating and you’d try and have the fire


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"Hugh Sullen describes tenement living conditions [add smaller file Hugh Smullen 12]]." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #318 (accessed March 20 2018, 7:39 pm)