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How many people lived in the house with your mother then? It was just your mother and the … ?

Well you see they had a two room cottage, that's all...and they eh...they just lived there, oh, her mother and father lived there too so that would have been six, eight, ten people living in them two rooms in that particular place but they were lucky though, they had … that was all their own family but then em when I lived with grandmother and grandfather they lived in Blessington Street, they had what they called the front and back parlour and then they had a big kitchen downstairs but then there was a back room, this little old lady lived on her own, Mrs Smith, where we lived in Blessington Street and then overhead there was Mr and Mrs Dorrity and then over that again was Mrs Lawless, a widow lady and her daughter and that was it, that’s what lived in Blessington Street, that was considered eh you were doing okay, living, you know, because they had … there was a nice garden and all at the back but then like others, they weren’t fortunate enough to have that …


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Blessington Street


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"Hugh Smullen describes life and housing on Blessington Street." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #317 (accessed March 20 2018, 7:42 pm)