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and I … at one stage I then went to … I left school at 14 years of age then, and I went to school in Marlborough Street, the Central Model School it was called then and I don’t know, a little incidental … I had a school teacher who was very good, Sean MacCaillein or James Campbell and Brian MacGiolla Padraig was the head teacher and he was from around them parts… and they were both wonderful guys, two great... and they had … they used to run what they called Leinster College, that was to teach people to learn Irish through correspondence, it was on 39 Parnell Square and they’d get some of us to work after school, you know, doing little things in the office... and there was an ice-cream parlour, Marie’s, in Parnell Street and they’d bring us down then and buy us ice cream and give you half a crown and that was very good, they were very good people, and the one thing that...the one thing with Campbell was em he would never let … they were in Marlborough Street you see and they used to come in at times into the school for to get altar boys, but Campbell wouldn’t allow any of us to be altar boys …

Oh really?

Yeah and I don’t know what the reason...but the main reason he gave himself was that we’d be missing lessons.


That was the reason he gave but he just wasn’t having it like you know, and that was that’s just …


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"Hugh Smullen remembers his schoolteachers with warmth and respect." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #314 (accessed March 20 2018, 7:42 pm)