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I know a girl that, those four houses are...well my, number one and number two are offices and I think number four is an office. But I know a girl that bought number three and she works in the docks. And she bought that house, and she had to get four feet of concrete down for a damp course, cause the walls were ringing in mine, I told ye I couldn't put up wallpaper, and she got all that done, she got the house very cheap, and it's a beautiful house, the way she had it, it was gorgeous, she brought me in to it Oh they're amazing those houses Oh it was amazing. It's amazing what you can do with money. Number one and number two are offices and I think number four is an office. It's strange to think that you grew up in there Yeah, the man says to me one day, I went over and "I was born and reared in that house, ten of us" I said. "Oh" he says "is that right", "yeah", "would you like to come in and see it?" So says I "yeah", so I went in, sure I wouldn't know it, the car was parked in my back yard! He had the car parked in the back yard! "Oh God" says I, "sure I wouldn't know it". Says he "would you like to go upstairs?" I said "yeah", "oh" says he "you'd want to be very careful going up", you know you'd trip like...says I "I know, I fell down that twice"


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Housing, Relative deprivation, Change

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"Betty Dempsey looks at how prosperity has changed the houses around her." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #313 (accessed March 20 2018, 7:42 pm)