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It was all gas, it was all very lonely down that way, you can' was all down around the gas workers used to live down there you know and they had to fill the gas from the...oh I had to remember all that business

It’s an area that has changed so much really hasn’t it?

You can say that again, you can say that again.

And do you think it changed for the better? Good and bad maybe? Well I don’t know, I mean as regards of looking at the place, you know there’s high rise apartments where there used to be little cottages and the gas company, you know what I mean, an awful difference you know? But if I was living in that house, and it's still there, but if I was living in that house, I wouldn’t be as nervous as I used to be, because when the men had finished work in the gas company it was dead, there was only 4 houses, very quiet. Not saying that they ever done any harm on us cause they didn’t but we used to be nervous, when the boats would come up, all the boats used to come up just at the top of Cardiff Lane, at the other end of Cardiff Lane from us and all the labourers had to pass up and down there, years ago you know, but we were all right, we were we were ok but I used to go out dancing and I’d walk home from The Olympic ballroom on Pleasants Street, and there was a group of us, but we all kind of came to their house before I came to mine, I was the last, and it was a very lonely place to walk down, very very lonely, but not now, not with all those… So I suppose that's an improvement. That is an improvement


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"Betty Dempsey notes the ways in which her area has changed." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #312 (accessed March 20 2018, 7:42 pm)