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So you think that as you’re older you get away with more

Yeah, I really feel that people…and also sometimes people respect that you know, you’ve been there you know, and done it you know? While you might be still wearing the t-shirt, there is other ways to do it, I also accept that, d'you know? There’s other ways to do things, you know, the way we had…the hard way is not always the best way, you know? So you don't have to do it... But you do get away, and people do consider maybe your wisdom…there’s a little bit of you know, say well actually she’s been there and she’s done this, or they’ve been there and they done that and you know they’re able to tell the story, it’s not everyday you can go back and tell the story, you know? And also the fact is that I’m an older person, a younger person can learn from my experience or learn from my way of life, you know? I mean I said to you earlier, starting off I did see myself in the role of a mother…I always say a mother, a lover, a wife and housekeeper. But I shouldn’t have been seeing myself in them roles, and I’m hoping that younger women now today will learn that even if you do get married, now that, there’s nothing wrong with getting married, but before, I said to my daughters, I’ve two daughters, I’ve always said to them, look get yourselves a career, be able to…be independent to earn your own keep, cause marriage isn’t forever nowadays, and if your marriage is forever, that’s fine, but if your marriage is not forever what are you going to do? And even if you’re in a good relationship, and your marriage is forever then you can have a better quality of life…so I’m hoping that people learn, younger people…there’s nothing wrong with getting married, there’s nothing wrong with having children but I don’t think any girl nowadays will have six. Considering I come from a family of 11 and I’m the only one out of the 11 had 6 children, cause 4 is the most one of them have, so I would have been the only one…


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Aging, Wisdom and Experience

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"Betty Watson talks about the benefits of growing older." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #308 (accessed March 20 2018, 7:41 pm)