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And describe the rooms that you lived in …

Well there’d be a front room and a backroom and it had a landing and the landing was the kitchen with the cooker and the fridge in it and all …

And you had that for yourself?

That was ours, the whole top was ours, the only thing is now you had to go down into the yard to go to the toilet … we used to have one big, you wouldn’t remember these, big big enamel baths …

Oh right.

You see my husband used to work at the coal so he used to put big buckets of water and pots of water on the fire to heat them up so as you could put them into the bath …

And the bath, now, was that in the downstairs as well or was that in …

Ah that’d only be in my rooms, other people would have their own.

Okay, so you each had your own bath but you just shared the toilet, was it?

That’s all, yeah, you had to share the toilets, there was only one toilet for one house.

And that was outside the house?

Outside, right outside yeah, right outside, yeah, in the yard.

And did you have water into your flat?

Well I got … my brother put in a sink into the landing for me, you know, a big white sink, I always remember it, one tap.

One tap.

Well you see there was no such thing as central heating then, you know, the only heating you had was your fires.

So you’d to keep that going all day?

All the time.

And did you have coal delivered all the time?

Well my husband worked in the coal …

He worked in the docks and then the coal was it?

He worked on the coal in the winter and the docks in the summer.


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Housing conditions, Relative deprivation

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"Angela McFarland describes tenement living conditions." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #301 (accessed March 20 2018, 7:42 pm)