A brief biography of Seamus Marken, one of the participants who volunteered to be interviewed for the Bridge-IT project.

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Moore Street, Dublin city


Journeyman Butcher and security guard.

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Seamus Marken was born in 1929 and grew up in Moore Street at the heart of Dublin city centre. He was one of eight children and they lived in a four room cottage on Moore Street, they also had the use of two adjoining extra rooms which meant that they had four bedrooms and a parlour as well as a kitchen. Seamus remembered that they were very lucky in their accommodation as they had more space than most families in the city centre at that time. His grandmother also lived across the road and she ran a fish and poultry shop on Moore Street. Seamus has great memories of his childhood on Moore Street. In particular he recalled the street games he played as well as the mischief he frequently got into with his friends! He vividly described the vibrant street life that was to be found on Moore Street at that time. In particular he recalled the colourful characters and personalities that the street was famed for.

From a very young age Seamus was independent and was earning his own keep. He began his working life running messages for the Moore Street traders; he remembered that he would do anything and everything to earn “a few bob”. Although he left school at age 14 in order to begin his working life, Seamus remembered that he was always an avid reader. He earned 6 pence a week working for his father who was a butcher and every Friday he would go to the bookshop to spend his earnings. Seamus eventually trained to be a journeyman butcher like his father. He began his career in an abattoir and following that he worked as a butcher in Summerhill in North Dublin for 14 years. He worked in various butchers around the north inner city and also in various slaughterhouses. He retired from butchering when he was 55 after which he worked for the Post Office as a security man for a further ten years before finally retiring at age 65. Seamus is married almost 50 years now and has five children and 14 grandchildren.

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