A brief biography of Leslie Greer, one of the participants who volunteered to be interviewed for the Bridge-IT project.

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Teacher of English as a Foreign Language

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Leslie Greer was born in 1917 in England and her family moved to Dublin during her early childhood. Her father was a barrister and Leslie along with her younger sister and brother grew up in Leeson Park in Dublin. She has fond memories of her childhood in Dublin, in particular she remembers going for walks out into the countryside and going to the theatre. In particular she remembers the Abbey theatre at the time of MacLiommar. Leslie went to Trinity College in Dublin where she studied French and German. She went on from here to teach German in Queens University in Belfast. At this time World War Two had started and after a year of working in Belfast Leslie decided to join the war effort. Her knowledge of German was a valuable skill at the time and particularly useful for British war intelligence agents. As a result Leslie began work in Bletchley in Buckinghamshire in the UK. Bletchley was an organisation set up to intercept and read German war signals and Leslie played a part in deciphering the signals and in creating an index for all the material that was coming in for decoding. She worked in Bletchley for four years altogether, until the war ended. Following the war, Leslie travelled all over the world starting off working in the Far East where she was involved with the Japanese war. Following that she began work teaching English as a foreign language and this took her all over the world from Germany to Brazil, Uruguay, Israel, Iran and London. Leslie remembered that she worked all her life; she didn’t retire until she was 62.

During her time working as a teacher she met her husband in Spain; he also worked teaching English as a foreign language. When they both retired they lived in France for a while before moving to live in Wexford in Ireland. After her husband died Leslie decided to move to Dublin where she now lives.

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