A brief biography of Eileen McCann, one of the participants who volunteered to be interviewed for the Bridge-IT project.

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Drimnagh, Dublin


Factory worker, mother, office administrative assistant.


Eileen McCann was born in 1934 in Drimnagh, a suburb just outside of Dublin city centre. She has two brothers and three sisters. Eileen married at 21 years of age and she moved into the Pearse Street area of the city centre. She has four children who are now scattered around the world. One of her sons is living in Germany, another son is in Drogheda she also has a daughter in Washington, USA and another daughter living in Dublin. She was married for 43 years before her husband died. Before she married, Eileen worked in Jacobs biscuit factory in the city centre; she began this work when she was 14 years old. Upon marriage she gave up working for Jacobs in order to concentrate on rearing her family. During this time she did take up work cleaning peoples houses, this was to supplement the family income. Eileen was unusual compared to the other participants in that she did return to full time employment later in her life, after her children were reared. When she turned 55 Eileen decided to take up employment with a large firm of solicitors in Dublin city centre where she worked in administration. She was responsible for setting up the partner’s meetings and overseeing the catering for the meetings. Eileen says that she loved this job and was sad when she had to retire at 65. She was not used to being at home and not working and she wishes that she could still work, in particular she misses being out mixing with other people. Eileen places a lot of importance in keeping active. She enjoys walking and tries to get out for a walk every day. She also enjoys dancing and she travels frequently to visit her son in Germany and her daughter in Washington.

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