A brief biography of Angela McFarland, one of the participants who agreed to be interviewed for the Bridge-IT project.

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Bridge Street Flats, Mary's Lane, Dublin City


Factory worker and mother.

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Angela McFarland was born in 1936 in her parent’s home in the Bridge Street flats in Mary’s lane. She was born at six in the morning as the Angelus bells were ringing out, hence her name. She came from a large family and had twelve sisters and two brothers. She was the third youngest in her family, and so she says that she benefited from older brothers and sisters who could spoil herself and her younger sisters.

Angela attended George’s school until she was 14 at which time she left school and began working in Jacob’s factory where she piped the Kimberly biscuits. She remembered that her first pay check from Jacob’s was 17 shillings. Angela was an avid dancer and could regularly be spotted in the many dancehalls in Dublin. Her favourite spots were the Teachers club on Parnell Square and the Metropole dancehall where she would take in all the great show bands of the time. She continued working in Jacob’s for ten years, until she got married at 23. Her husband worked on the docks during the summer and the coal yard during the winter. Although Angela did return to work in Jacobs after she married, she gave it up as she started her family, she pointed out that in those days it was difficult for women to continue working when they had a family to rear as well. She had four sons but unfortunately one of her sons died. She now has five grandchildren the oldest of whom is 21 and the youngest is six.

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"Angela McFarland." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #283 (accessed March 20 2018, 7:44 pm)