In this extract Marie Murphy remembers the different work her family did. In particular she remembers her mothers fruit and veg stall which has been in her family since her grandmother. Marie now works on the stall as does her daughter.

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And did your father work at all around here?

He worked down in the coal yard, Wallace's Coal Yard.

That was tough work. Was he there his whole life?


And did your brothers and sister… obviously you went into the trade, into the… with your …

Ah well they used to help now, they’d go to the market for me you know, do odd jobs and they’d go to packing places up on the Quays somewhere working for Mr Eustace, he had a big shop on Pearse Street.

Okay, so you all kind of worked around this area doing the messages or delivering and… so it was a real family business then!

More or less.

That’s great. And did your mother keep doing that the whole time?

Ah, yeah, she drove the horse and cart… pony and cart, the pony’s name was Fairy.

And where did she keep the pony?

She had a stable around here where the flats are now.

Gosh, it just seems like such a different world really. So she had a stable and she kept… just even the idea of that… did she own the stable or how... ?

No, no, she rented it and then she had the stalls at the bottom of the street, the bottom of Clarence Place, you know, there was a family lived over it, the Quinns… so she rented that for stores for her fruit and veg…

Oh right, that’s where she stored it all. God, that’s brilliant. So you obviously all had nice fruit and veg in your house all the time.


Very healthy diets!


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"Marie Murphy remembers the different types of work undertaken by her family." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #254 (accessed February 21 2018, 7:24 am)