In this extract Seamus Marken talks about his work as a journeyman butcher in Summerhill and in Moore Street. He says that journeymen butchers were a very proud people in Dublin at one time. He says that he finished working as a journeyman butcher when he was about 55 after which he worked in the post office as a security man until he retired.

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Were you in paid work? Were you in a job?

I was, I was what they called a Journeyman Butcher, that meant that you could travel anywhere and do your trade, it was distinct from people say, butcher… a butcher was a man who worked in a butcher’s shop or he might work in a slaughterhouse but a Journeyman Butcher could do both shop and slaughterhouse work, they were very proud people, the Journeymen Butchers in Dublin at one time, you know?

And where did you work? What areas?

Well I worked… my first job was in the abattoir, then I went to work in Summerhill,, I worked there for about 14 years, then I worked in various shops around and then I worked in Moore Street and then after that I went back to work in the slaughterhouse, and I finished there when I was about, oh my God, about 55, yes, about 54/55 I finished working there and then I went to work in the Post Office as a security man.

And when did you … are you retired?

Oh I’m retired fourteen years. I’m 78 years of age.


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"Seamus Marken talks about his work as a journeyman butcher in Sumerhill and in Moore Street." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #252 (accessed February 21 2018, 7:24 am)