In this extract Eileen McCann remembers starting work in a solicitors firm when she was 55 years old. She worked there until she had to retire at 65. She tells us that she loved working here and that she got on very well. She worked in administration and was responsible for setting up coffees etc. for the partner's meetings. She remembers being very intimidated when she started here as she had never worked in an office like this before however she says she grew to love working here.

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And did you ever go back to paid employment after you were married?

I actually did, I went back on my 55th birthday, I went back to A&L Goodbody’s, solicitors, you know?

Yes, yes that’s a massive firm yeah

Well my daughter worked there before she went to the states, she was a legal I got a job there on the administration

Did you enjoy it?

I loved it, I loved it, I was there from the age of 55 to 65 and I had to retire then

You had to


How did you get back into that? When you were 55, how did that come about, that job?

Well what actually, em although I say administration, that’s what they used to call me in there, but I was in the partner's canteen, I was looking after the partners, and if they had em…


Meetings and anything like that I used to set up the tables and things like that for them, so I got in because, I’ll tell you why, the girls, the secretaries in the office always made coffee and all for the partners and it got so big and they got so busy that they all kicked up, because, you know, I suppose out of a day there could be 3 or 4 meetings with their solicitor and they’d have to make coffee and bring it in and different things so they kicked up, they said that eh…because then the solicitors wanted them to catch up on the work and they were busy doing other things for them so it got annoying and they kicked up and they wanted eh then they decided they would have to bring someone in to do all that work and because my daughter worked in there she em she more or less had the staff phone me, that was how I mind you, I was so embarrassed going in to this big office up in em Hatch Street, do you remember them?


At my age going in and I had to be interviewed and everything but I passed with flying colours and that was it

Do you think that was unusual then you were saying you felt a bit intimidated…

I did think so, at my age, to be starting work in this big beautiful office which I had never worked in before, you know? [Interruption] Yes I did think it was unusual to start in and I remember going in to the huge big desk and to reception and they were so glamorous and I had to up and ask for the person that was going to interview me, you know? And I felt terrible, I really did now you know, I felt they were all highly educated and I wasn’t but anyway I got on very well there


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"Eileen McCann remembers starting work in a solicitor's firm when she was 55 years old." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #245 (accessed February 21 2018, 7:25 am)