Holles Street Hospital. According to a section of the Irish Statute Book 1936: "...the National Maternity Hospital situate in Holles Street in the City of Dublin was founded in the year 1894 for the relief of poor lying-in women and for the treatment of diseases peculiar to women..." Many of our interviewees were born in this hospital but there were also a great number of home-births. Interviewee Betty Watson remembers: "...when I was a child my mother would have been sent for if someone was having a baby (yeah) and she’d be running over with pots, now I mean, pots and sheets, and em if somebody died she’d be going over with the sheets to wash them and lay them out, and I would have had to go with her, cause if she wanted anything back in the flat she’s send me back for it you know..." (p.5)

Many of the interviewees were born in this hospital.

Holles Street Hospital 1936 From Farmar,T. (1994) Holles Street 1894-1994 (Photograph no.15 in collection of images between p.116 and p.117)

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"Holles Street Hospital, 1936." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #240 (accessed February 23 2018, 4:51 am)