In this extract Eillen McCann speaks about her family life and remembers that things weren't that easy for her. She remembers that her husband was away at sea a lot which meant that she had the primary responsibility for her family, she says that she was both father and mother very often in her home. She remembers this as being difficult and feels that she had too much responsibility.

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I admire a lot of older women just getting on with life...some of them have life very tough...I didn’t have an easy life...and eh, with my husband being away at sea I actually had the whole rearing of my family you know and I think this is what has me close to them because we never had, really we didn’t have a father figure there you know?

You were both

I was both at home...from the time I married, for the 43 years

Did you feel that at the time?

Oh I did, oh yes I did...and em...I felt it was too much responsibility and had I of known what way my life would have been I don’t think I’d have ever married anyone at sea...I don’t think so, you need two people to look after a family and I didn’t have that

A lot of pressure on you

Too much pressure, yes.

With four children

I’d three boys and one girl yes, too much pressure altogether.


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"Eileen McCann speaks about her family life and remembers things weren't that easy for her.." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #237 (accessed February 21 2018, 7:23 am)