In this extract Hugh Smullen remembers his gramophone and in particular listening to the music of John McCormack. He notes that he didn't have a telephone, television or even a radio for the most part of his early life.

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There was no telephone, there was no radio, there was no television, you know? We’d have a gramophone, what they’d call a gramophone, you know, play records mostly John McCormack type of stuff …

So is that the kind of music that you listened to when you were, I suppose, your teenage years?

No, no, when you were really younger and then as a teenager, like em, there was still only the radio and you wouldn’t even maybe have a gramophone … did yous have a gramophone May?

Yeah, we had one, remember we used to be always playing the … we only had one record, ‘I hear you calling me’, John McCormack!

I think I have that on a CD.

We’d be playing that over and over! [laughs]

You had a piano in the parlour.

Yeah, in Cabra, yeah.

We didn’t have that …

You just had the radio.

We just had the radio, you know.


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"Hugh Smullen interview recalls listening to the music of John McCormack on his gramophone.." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #233 (accessed February 23 2018, 4:51 am)