In this extract Hugh Smullen remembers his first bike which his Grandmother bought for him. He remembers a particular character who worked in the bike shop who would mend his bike for him for a reasonable price. He remembers that as a child he and his friends used to have great fun teasing this man who worked in the shop.

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So then we graduated on … I got my first bike, it was 19 shillings, my grandmother bought it for me in … just there near Binn’s Bridge, the name of the shop was Kennedy’s, I remember that all well because I was delighted with this bike, you know, and across the road, then Berkeley Road then there was a Mickey Dudley, Lord have mercy on him, and he had this big oul shop, it’s still a motorbike shop even to the present day but it was bikes, you know, the ordinary pushbikes and he used to be in the kind of riding breeches you know... and he was an ex-cyclist but he was a guy who’d never married and there was something about him anyway but he was good, he’d mend your bike for you for reasonable, you know, very reasonable, he mended punctures, you know, he’d oil it and give it a bit of a service and wouldn’t charge but we used to have great fun but for some reason or other some guy hit on it that he wasn’t too fond of priests, that Mickey Dudley wasn’t too fond of … and we used to run by shouting "it’s the priest!", "Mickey, there’s a priest!" and we had great fun out of that! Anyone now that’s looking at this might remember it! Those were the things, yeah


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"Hugh Smullen remembers his first bike which is grandmother bought for him.." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #231 (accessed February 23 2018, 4:46 am)