In this extract Hugh Smullen remembers winning the money to buy a second hand car on the grand national. He remembers how he used to take the family out for the day on Saturdays with his car. They would all drive to Dollymount Strand in north Dublin and make tea on the beach.

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So then I had a little car, I had a Fiesta, and there’s other stories too… the first car, like, I know I’m going off … the first car, I bought it in 1967 when Foinavon won the Grand National, all the other horses fell and it won and I won £20 and I bought a car for £20! An Austin Cambridge, a beautiful car, wasn’t it? And the guy that sold it said it was nothing but trouble but it turned out it was only a water pump, I fixed the water pump and I had it for ages...big bench seats, we could bring them all, we used to have 13 in it wouldn’t we?! A big day out, we used to go out every Saturday then to Dollymount and it was great, great going out every Saturday and I used to go on Saturday because there’d be too much traffic on Sunday and you’d have the whole place to yourself on Saturday, you know what I mean? We’d go to Dollymount and we’d make a fire and make tea and, you know, that’s what we done with the children then …


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"Hugh Smullen recalls his first car which he bought with money that he won on the grand national.." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #230 (accessed February 21 2018, 7:27 am)