The Crystal Ballroom, South Anne Street. Another form of entertainment enjoyed by many Dubliners was dancing, as these comments from some interviewees indicates: “I did like dancing, I could, you know, if I was with someone that could dance I could get around, you know, I’d a brother now very good, John, he was a good dancer, you know. (May Smullen p.4) ‘…jeeze I used to love dancing. Ah for God’s sakes, sure I’ve a championship medal for step dancing you know, ah yeah. Also I used to go…ah sure a dancer, goodness gracious, sure I had to hide when ladies choice was called you see (laugh)…’ (Andy Mohan p.4) “Ah yeah, Jesus I was a bitch for dancing! I used to go to the Metropole on a Sunday after dinner, you know … Yeah, there was great dancehalls then, nothing like now …” (Angela McFarland p.3)

The Crystal Ballroom was a favourite night spot for Dubliners. Many of the Showbands mentioned by interviewees would have performed there.

The Crystal Ballroom, South Anne Street, 1954. From Purcell, D. (2007) Follow Me Down to Dublin. Ireland: Hodder Headline. p.68-69 (Image courtesy of Failte Ireland)

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