In this extract Seamus Marken remembers his first dance in a ballroom in Galway in Seapoint. He was there when he was training with the FCA and he laughs remembering that he was not a great dancer.

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Did you ever go dancing?

My first dance was in… I can tell you that, in 1948, this’ll knock you down, and it was in a ballroom in Galway in Seapoint, now the only reason I went… by this time I had started to do Irish dancing, now when I say Irish dancing, ceili, you know? But I was down there with the FCA and the regiment was running the dance in Seapoint as a fundraiser, and it wasn’t a question of ‘would you like to go?’, when you got your pay the Sergeant Major then said ‘ticket for the dance tonight, give me 3 and 6 or 4 and 6’, or whatever it was, I remember going, so we’re sitting there, now myself and my five or six pals and we’re really and truly like sticks, we’d never been in a dancehall before, so we’re saying 'go on, you get up and you get up’, you know the usual, and nobody would get up so I said ‘okay, I’ll get up if you promise that once I get up that you’ll all get up, if you don’t…’ so I went up and I asked this poor unfortunate girl to dance, she must have thought I was an octopus with boots on every foot… oh the poor girl! That was that and I went off and so the next dance we all agreed we were all getting up and I get up again and wherever this girl had been, say she had been there, I got up and I must have been walking towards her, whether it was consciously or unconsciously, I don’t know but I heard her saying ‘oh Jesus, here he is again!’ and she about turned and ran! That was my first modern dance!


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"Seamus Marken remembers his first dance in a ballroom in Galway.." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #225 (accessed February 23 2018, 4:52 am)