In this extract Angela McFarland talks about her love of dancing. She remembers that when she was younger she would go to the Metropole dance hall every Sunday to see the showbands at the time. She describes the dancehalls and remembers the fun she had.

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Yeah and where did you meet your husband?

At a dance, the Teacher’s in Parnell Square …

So that was the kind of … when you were a young adult, before you got married and you were working in Jacob’s, you went to dances and …

Ah yeah, Jesus I was a bitch for dancing! I used to go to the Metropole on a Sunday after dinner, you know …

Every Sunday?

Yeah, there was great dancehalls then, nothing like now, what yous go to, them discos

So, describe the dancehall then.

Well, you went, if it was a ladies’ choice you went over to the fella you were chasing and if someone else got there before you you’d be annoyed, you’d be raging over that person going off with the fella you were chasing, you know so

And what kind of music was it?

Ah it was all bands …

Show bands?

Ah fabulous, fabulous, yeah.

Do you remember any particular show band?

I remember Johny Butler’s band, or eh… that fella that still plays the trumpet, what’s his name?

I don’t know.

He’d be up in Harcourt Street, ah, I can’t think of his name …(Paddy Cole) a few of them, you know, we knew them all, we’d follow them everywhere they went, you know

And would you do that with your sisters, was it?

Well they done it too but I was the one that was out first, you know? The first one … first up, best dressed, you know!


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