In this extract Hugh Smullen talks about how he first met his wife. He remembers he and his friends used to congregate at the swimming baths in Cabra. He notes that at the time the boys would get into the baths but the girls wouldn't, they would stand beside the pool.

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Okay but you met in Cabra?

Oh we met in Cabra, we met up at the swimming pool, the baths on Ballyboggin Road there, there was a baths, the corporation swimming pool, it was lovely wasn’t it there? We all used to congregate there, I used to be … we used to be in swimming but the girls wouldn’t be in swimming at that time! Only the fellas would get in … quite different then to what things are now, you know, and I mean you’d be looking … two fellas would be ‘oh there’s two nice girls over there’, you know, something to that effect!

Would the girls just be beside the pool?


… and they wouldn’t get into the water?

Ah, they wouldn’t get into the water, no. So we met and then we started dating, going to the pictures, we used to go to the pictures, the movies, you know, at the Bohemian and the picture house in Phibsboro, what was it? The Blackwire, it became The Grand after, wasn’t it?

No, that’s the Cabra one …

Oh that was Cabra yeah … what was it? I can’t …


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"Hugh Smullen talks about when he first met his wife.." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #212 (accessed February 23 2018, 4:51 am)