In this extract Carmel O'Reilly remembers that herself and her husband went very often to the various cinemas around Dublin. She recalls the early years of her married life.

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Transcription in general then you didn't really, when you were younger, plan for your later life No, oh no, I've nothing... Ok and do you think now as you've gotten older that there's more opportunities open to you? Well I think the young people now are more adventurous... What about yourself? No, I wasn't...I never thought further, never thought further than, you know, day to day, I never was short, I had a husband that you couldn't knit if you wanted to, he was perfect. And that's why I would never have considered another one because I wouldn't have got one like what I had, he was perfect in every way, most considerate man you ever met in your life, so quiet and gentle and... he was terrific, you know? So I thought, that's me, I'm here for life, you know? And he wasn't a man that liked clothes or style or...we went to the Royal, every Tuesday night, every week, and we'd go to the Capitol...and when I was going with him we went to, some...some Monday's now was my half day, Monday and he'd take Monday off, now some Monday's we'd do three cinemas...would you credit that? We'd go to maybe the Metropole, come out for there and into the Capitol, and get tea in the restaurant in the Capitol and then up to the Carlton and he'd park the car in the middle of the road there, you wouldn't do it now, at the...near O'Connell Bridge, The Green Rooster, that was the restaurant that was there and you could park there like you know, and he'd park the car there. And I remember one time, I was very pregnant, and I fell in through the glass doors in the Metropole...and I hit the ground and I came up again and went in and said I looked at the film, but I never seen it...I was in a daze.


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"Carmel O'Reilly remembers going to the cinema with her husband.." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #210 (accessed February 23 2018, 4:52 am)