In this extract Hugh Smullen says that aside from his recollections of food stamps and rationing of clothing he doesn't have much memory of rationing during the second world war. He attributes this to the fact that they never really had much in the first place, they were already rationed as it was.

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And do you remember food rationing at all during the war period?

No, no...funny thing, no, you see I think the reason for that was we were rationed all the time, we didn’t have to wait for the war, like, we were rationed, you know. I only remember the ration with the clothes alright, like but as for food …

You had stamps.

Yeah, stamps, you’d only get so much …

And what clothes were rationed?

Like, all the clothes, you wouldn’t get a suit, you had to have so many shoes and all that …

Oh right, yeah, oh shoes probably would have been …

But I don’t remember, do you May?

No, I remember about stamps …

I don’t remember a lot about that because that’s the reason I give for that because we were probably rationed anyway, like you know, we were on rations right from the beginning because things, nobody seemed to have an … even if you were working you didn’t have an awful lot, you know what I mean? And then I suppose it was the time that, we had just won independence from England and the government was only starting, trying to get things going, you know, but things aren't much better now, like, we're much better money-wise or comfort-wise but not as good spiritually or … honour, I think there was more honour with people than there is now, you know, manners …


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"Hugh Smullen talks about rationing when he was a child.." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #203 (accessed February 23 2018, 4:50 am)