In this extract Jim Quinn talks about his favourite food as a child. He remembers eggs, bacon and puddings for Sunday morning breakfasts as well as colcannon at particular times of the year. He also remembers that Ringsend which is close to where he lived was known around Dublin as 'Raytown' because it was close to the docks and so people would come there to buy Ray. He remembers a particular fish and chip shop on Tara Street called Shervy's.

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What was your favourite food when you were a child?

I suppose Sunday morning - eggs, bacon and black and white pudding, stuff like that, I imagine that would have been be the height of the food, like, but then again we always had … certain times of the year we’d have colcannon, you know and the curly kale would come out and we’d make colcannon, we still do, still do … and there was… at one stage I didn’t like cabbage, it was a constant thing, especially working... when your father was a butcher, like cabbage and corned beef… it was a sort of a must at times… but I have since changed me mind and I actually like cabbage but it’s one of those things, kids don’t like it … and living in this area, close to Ringsend, fish was a rather big one, now, ray was a constant … it was very common, you know, they called Ringsend, Ray Town! They’d say that the people down in Ringsend would have cabbage and ray for Sunday where the rest would have… and of course ray was cheap at the time, now of course you can’t buy it, you can’t buy it.

I don’t think I’ve ever had it, no.

Did you never go into the chip shops and get long ray, that was the great thing and still is in parts around here and they’d quite prepared to pay a decent price for it, so ray was … and of course that’s another one of the foods that would be common, there was a chip shop down here, right opposite where there used to be the Queen’s, you know, the Queen’s theatre up here, up the end of... facing Tara Street and opposite that there was a chip shop called Shervy’s which used to supply the locals around here …


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