In this extract Seamus Marken remembers an incident when he was a child where he was chastised by his father because he refused to run an errand for an old woman who lived on Moore Street as he wanted to continue playing a game of chasing with his friends. His father ensured that he apologised to the woman and he did any message she wanted. Seamus remembers that this was an important lesson for him about the importance of social support, one he never forgot.

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So, when you were a child what did you think about older people?

Well I have to tell you you had to have respect, you know, I did respect them and eh... just very quickly… once I was playing a game of chasing in the street and this woman, she was the poorest woman on Moore Street, which was poor and she asked me would I run around to the dairy for her for a half pint of milk or something and I said ‘I can’t, I’m busy’, I was only playing chasing, what I didn’t realise was that my father was passing by and heard me and he went into the house and sent my sister went out for me and when I went in the first thing I got was a box, now he wasn’t given to beating you or anything like that… and he said ‘that is the poorest woman in Moore Street, she asked you to do a favour, a message but if Mr Leahy, the publican next door, asked you, you'd a ran because you knew you’d have got something, that poor woman couldn’t give you anything for going’ and he said ‘you go back up to her, apologise for it and go for any message she wants’, so I only needed one lesson but before that I had respect if you know what I mean? It was just with the excitement of the chasing and what have you…

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"Seamus Marken remembers being chastised by his father when he was a child, this was an important lesson on the importance of social support.." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #181 (accessed February 23 2018, 4:48 am)