In this extract Hugh Smullen remembers Alfie Byrne, the much loved Lord Mayor of Dublin.

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I’m over 70 years gone out of there, it was really lovely there it was really... and oh I think I forgot to tell you right next door to us then when we lived in Blessington Street was Hegney’s shop, you know, sweet shop and she was in some way related to Alfie Byrne who was the one time Lord Mayor, for years, Lord Mayor of Dublin …

Everyone knew him.

And everyone knew Alfie, a little man with a moustache and he went all around … but we’d get word that Alfie was coming... would be coming to visit Miss Hegney, she was Miss, she married a South African guy and she moved to South Africa after, but we’d get word that Alfie was coming and we’d get all the kids around and I’d tell them ‘oh Alfie is coming’ and when he’d come he’d buy us all ice cream!

Or he’d give you a penny.

He was a lovely guy, he used to go around on his bike… these were all.... you know, characters they were, really... and they’d all … you don’t see that, like, any guys in … like, he was the Lord Mayor, he was the real Lord Mayor like... and a real dapper little guy, you know, like Charlie Chaplin, something like …

He’d a moustache …

… a little pencil moustache … yeah


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"Hugh Smullen remembers Alfie Byrne, the much loved Lord Mayor of Dublin.." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #171 (accessed February 21 2018, 7:26 am)