In this extract Leslie Greer talks about a woman from Angola who lives near her who comes to her for advice or help for example if she has to write a letter etc.

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Did you ever go to older people for advice when you were younger?

No, I did ask my dad if he thought I ought to study law because he was a lawyer, you see and he said ‘no, no darling, don’t do that, women never get decent jobs if they study law’ and then there you are Mary Robinson! But he gave me this useful piece of advice long before she came on the scene!

Do younger people come to you for advice now? Ask you for your opinion on their problems?

The only person who does is a very nice woman from Angola and I didn’t know where Angola was until I met her, and she is a widow with three children, and em she also lives in Shankhill and she sometimes asks me for advice but that’s fairly understandable because after all Ireland is a foreign country to her, she’s been in this country for about eight years or something but it’s still a foreign country, and if she has to write a letter to her landlord she will bring it to me to suggest if I think she’s done it alright, she generally does but… that’s the only person I can think of who really comes to me for advice.


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"Leslie Greer talks about giving advice to a woman from Angola who lives near her.." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #162 (accessed February 21 2018, 7:27 am)