In this extract Betty Dempsey associates ageing with slowing up she describes it as being worn out. However she says that she tries to keep going, she has to take rests every few minutes when she's doing the housework or walking.

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So em, would you consider then...what would you consider are the signs of ageing for women? Would it be physical do you think more than anything else? For older women? Yeah, like kind of what are the signs that people are looking or getting older, getting on Well I think it happens to us all, you slow up and that you know Yeah, your body kind of... Oh, worn out, you know. And then they're given them new knees and they're giving them new hips, but they can't give ya a new back...oh yeah, the pain...but I still keep going and I do my bit of house work at home and then I've to sit down, if I want to do any more...I've to rest for a few minutes get up and do another bit That's it...there's no rush like I'm in no rush, and I mean, with only one room...if I had five rooms, oh God!


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Ageing, The Ageing Body



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"Betty Dempsey describes how she deals with ageing and the feeling that her body is slowing up.." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #148 (accessed February 23 2018, 4:49 am)