In this extract Marie Murphy reflects on how men and women may experience ageing differently. In particular she observes that men seem to be more isolated than women and may perhaps be more lonely when they are older.

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And what about older men, would you say are older men and older women do they age differently?

Older men are grumpy, they’re always grumpy!

Why are they grumpy?

I haven’t a clue! They probably can’t accept getting old.

Maybe. Do you think they do different activities as well?

I don’t think they do a lot, just sit in the pub, do you know? I suppose they think they’ve nothing else to do.

Where women, there’s more kind of, like…

Yeah well they’d have the house and that to look after which they probably would, you know…

But even women seem to do more… like, even you meet quite regularly here but there’s no men come here sure there’s not?

No, no.

Why do you think that is?

I don’t know, they’re just not interested.

Yeah. And do you think they get more lonely then?

I think so, yeah, I mean, there’s an awful lot of men in the bingo halls that play bingo, do you know, maybe if they had someone to go with them they might, do you know? ‘oh I don’t know anything about this’…

Yeah, just to even get out and do something different would be good.

Yeah and listen to everyone’s conversation.

Or even, for example do you know… is your husband, is he involved in any retirement clubs?

No, he’s not well at the moment, he’s at home.

Okay, but would there be stuff available for him, for example, his old colleagues that he used to work with, would he still see them much?

I’d say it would be the pub.

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Ageing, Gendered Experiences



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"Marie Murphy reflects on how men and women may experience ageing differently.." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #144 (accessed February 21 2018, 7:31 am)