In this extract Stephanie Cannon says that she feels very lucky to have reached her age now and in good health. She remembers looking after her mother who was sick for three years before she died and so she feels lucky to be in good health now.

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So you feel lucky?

I feel lucky that I’m 70 and a half now and I’m still going you know what I mean, and I just say thank god that I’m able to do it, to do what I do, you know? I looked after me mother when she was sick, me ma was sick for 3 years and I looked after her, she was em she lived with me, I lived with me mammy, and I looked after her

And when did she die?

She died...I think she’s 18 or 19 years dead now, she could be more, she could be more


16:46.5 - 17:21.5

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"Stephanie Cannon talks about feeling lucky that she has reached her age now and is still in good health.." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #138 (accessed February 23 2018, 4:51 am)