In this extract Stephanie Cannon compares her life now with her mothers. She points out that things are much easier now compared to her mother's life. She feels that there is more support now for people.

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And thinking about your mothers life at your age now…

Oh it was harder for her than us…you know what I mean, ah yeah, much harder, there was nothing like this, you know what I mean, there was nothing like this to go to or anything like that, you know, no social life, sure my mammy didn’t go anywhere

And she lived here as well

Oh she was here yeah,

And would you say there’s a huge difference?

Ah there’s a huge difference, because people are mixing more now, they’re mixing more and they’re…you know…there’s more support, yeah

And in terms of finances and that, is it easier now?

Ah it’s easier now than it was years ago, cause years ago it was very hard... you know, that’s why we had to go out to work when we were 14, yeah, there was nothing like the things now, you know, we had to leave school when we were 14


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"Stephanie Cannon compares her life now to her mother's life.." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #137 (accessed February 23 2018, 4:51 am)