In this extract Eileen McCann speaks about leaving school at 14 and beginning work in Jacobs factory. She remembers that she left work there when she got married after which she worked as a cleaner in different people's houses. Later in her life she began working in Goodbodies a stockbroking firm in Dublin City Centre. She worked there in the catering department. She remembers that she worked to supplement her family income as her husband was away a lot at sea.

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And did you leave school at 14 then

I did yeah

And worked from there until you were married

Worked from there

And it was a completely different career change as well

Completely different, I went into Jacobs at 14 and I worked there until I married and then I left, after I married I couldn’t work afterwards, and eh I actually was doing eh cleaning, different peoples houses, up until the time I got into Goodbodies

Oh so you were working

Oh yeah

All the way through

All the way through I worked

And that was just to supplement the family income then

That’s all it was, and my husband was at sea, with the result, you see, I em, I decided that, as you say to supplement the family income, yeah, that was all it was


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"Eileen McCann talks about leaving school at 14 and starting work in Jacob's factory.." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #129 (accessed February 21 2018, 7:23 am)