In this extract Angela McFarland remembers when she first started working full time at age 14. She remembers working in Jacob's factory for a time. In this extract she recalls going to the interview for the job.

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Then we were the ones, as I say, we got everything, we got the cream of the milk and one of the sisters used to work in Lemon’s sweet factory and we’d get bags of sweets and then I went into Jacob’s when I was 14 …

You left school at 14?

Yeah. I went into Jacob’s when I was 14 …

And what kind of work was that?

I was a piper, I used to pipe the Kimberly …

Okay, oh really?

Yeah and the others were … they were all sewers, but I couldn't thread a needle… I was the oddball out, I wanted to do my own thing.

Did you choose then Jacob’s … it was where you wanted to go?

You had to right forms then to go into it, you know, application forms and then you had to go for an interview and I had very long hair, I had hair down to the back of me legs and there used to be a lady there that interviewed you and her name was Miss Sargent, I always remember her name and she used to look through your hair to make sure there was nothing in it and she couldn’t understand how mine was so clean for such long hair, you know, what I mean? So my mother was after saying ‘you’re not getting your hair cut for that’, we were told that they do all of this when your going for the interview but then I was married out of it, I worked in there for what...I think I worked in it for 10 year... and I was married and you know the rest, odds and ends and ups and downs.


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"Angela McFarland remembers starting full-time work at age 14.." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #127 (accessed February 21 2018, 7:23 am)